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Dehesa de Milagro is located about three km. of Milagro village in Navarra, about 40 min. Pamplona and an hour and a half from San Sebastian and three of Madrid.

The stud farm has 280 ha. And 120 boxes, divided into four blocks of buildings. The main area for broodmares includes a building of eight sheds built with camera surveillance.


More than 60 fields from 1/2 Ha. To 30 Ha. Are grass hut for mares, foals, stallions and horses at rest. We also have two walkers six horses and two riding schools covered.

Dehesa de Milagro offers accommodation for all English thoroughbred horse.



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kool 03
30 April 2017:
Alcestis da a luz una Manduro
28 April 2017:
Alava nos trae un nuevo campeón
10 April 2017:
Relámpago pare una Beat Hollow
5 April 2017:
Sculpted da a luz un Pyrus